The Desire to Simplify

We are devoted to the idea that good design, thoughtfully curated, makes life better, and in the end, it should be easy. Many of us are overwhelmed by the stuff that surrounds us, or drained by constant decision fatigue as we attempt to replace so-so items with new things that aren’t totally right. The objects we live with influence our energy, shape our emotions and affect our general wellbeing, so it’s important to scale back to what we love.

Warming Up to Minimalism

Living with less doesn’t mean having a stark, cold or uninviting home. The Ronen Lev approach centers on soft, warm minimalism, inspired by the clean organic lines of Scandinavian design. In this approach, natural materials and human touch interact with pure shapes to create a soothing, comforting atmosphere. Every item reflects our penchant for soft minimalism — a warm, inviting and modern aesthetic that serves as a perfect antidote to mass manufacturing.

“Interior design is about so much more than choosing furniture. Good interior design is always about more than the way things look (although that is certainly an important part of the toolkit). It is about making sure the human experience is prioritized when we build. It is about human happiness and well-being. It is about making life better.” Ilse Crawford


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